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Every year, millions of valuable items are lost with little chance of ever being recovered by their owners.

Keyfetch connects owners and finders of lost valuables directly in the quickest, safest and most efficient way possible. We manage up to 85% recovery rates thanks to our unique online retrieval system also designed to protect our members' personal details at all times. There is simply no easier way to get your lost valuables back !

Keyfetch Safe Simple Reliable

Keyfetch Safe Simple Reliable

We strongly believe in the power of altruism. People are good and want to do good. To help us cope with today's hectic life, social responsibility towards one another is no longer optional, and it can be as simple as returning someone's lost item. Keyfetch provides the mechanism through which this act of altruism can happen quickly and safely, all around the world.

Keyfetch Be Good Do Good